Energy Healing Class

Our life force can go through changes in its potency, intensity & flow, and energy healing helps it get back on track. Vanessa’s specialty is emotional healing and release of experiences from this lifetime and ancestorial influences. This energy helps you become grounded, get unstuck in life and have more clarity about how to move forward. She often works with people who are awakening spiritual gifts, and these may emerge as well. Her energy healing is done closely with her Spirit Guides. Your Spirit Guides are present and involved as well. With the 30 min option you may receive specific guidance from your guides, with the 60 min option this is very likely to happen. It is welcome and encouraged that you record the Energy Healing Session on your phone.

Energy Healing Healing Class
Saturday November 2nd, 2024
11am – 5:pm PST
Instructor: Vanessa grace from Soul Amplified
Class Fee: 15 Minutes – $25, 30 Minutes – $45, 60 Minutes – $80
Location: Vampire Unicorns
3510 NE 3rd Ave.
Camas, WA 98607



What is the difference in the timed sessions? Here is a breakdown from Vanessa.
15 minutes of Energy Healing:

My Energy Healing sessions always start with grounding. Grounding helps a person feel centered, calm and helps them think straight (among other things). I connect with your chakras and aura to help those ground. There may be some energy releasing that occurs. A person can expect to experience focus, clarity, less worry and trust of self during and after being grounded. Depending on how much grounding you need, we may be able to engage with some of the clearing that will certainly happening in the 30 min sessions.
30 minutes of Energy Healing:
In addition to grounding, the 30 minutes Energy Healing will involve Clearing you of energy you’ve outgrown. Before new support can be brought into your system, room must be made. The clearing is untangling pieces holding you to the past, patterns, or things you’ve been trying to work through but have been unable to. These may be things you are unaware of, or from your ancestral line. This release can feel quite intense; you will likely feel it. Depending on how much and what type of clearing is needed for you at this time, you may also have energies added to your system as described in the 60 min Energy Healing session. You may receive specific messages from your guides.
60 minutes of Energy Healing:

After clearing, Spirit Guides begin adding to your aura and chakra system. This is often energies, symbols, gifts, keys to unlock your already present spiritual talents and more. I honestly never really know what is going to happen! People who receive an hour of energy healing have reported being able to do tasks or challenging conversations they couldn’t follow through on before. They report elevated states in relationships, positive feelings, hope, decided direction in life, an opening or deepening in spiritual gifts and more. In an hour of Energy Healing, you are very likely to receive messages from your Spirit Guides, be given instruction on how to connect and work with them in the future, or guidance on your life.
NOTE: There may be aspects of your clearing and release that my/your Spirit Guides want you to verbally say out loud that you agree to have this specific thing/element/etc removed or released from you. This is because shifts in energy effect your life, and it can cause chaos internally in you or in the relationships in your life. This has been true when releasing a cord with a person from your past who is still trying to energetically control you. The other person can feel the shift/end in the energy from you and it can cause them to engage in less than endearing or dangerous behavior. Hence, the reason for the verbal affirmation to release the energy/etc.


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