Magic Cauldron Candles

Our mini magic cauldron candles are approximately 3” tall and 3” wide.  They are made with paraffin wax in delicious scents, filled with intention.  Burn time is approx 16-18 hours.



LUCK is shown in clover green, scented with Juniper & Eucalyptus.  Light this candle to promote good luck, fortune, and prosperity.  It can be used in various spiritual practices such as rituals or spells, to bring good luck and positive energy into one’s life.
PROTECTION is shown in a deep charcoal, scented with black opium and myrrh.  Light this candle to promote safety, security, and protection from harm.  The black opium and myrrh aromas help alleviate feelings of fear and anxiety and promote a sense of calm & peace of mind.
HAPPINESS is shown in white, scented with sweet blood orange and jasmine.  Light this candle to promote feelings of joy and well being. The blood orange and jasmine aromas will create a calming, uplifting atmosphere in your home and promote feelings of happiness and positivity.
PROSPERITY is shown in purple, scented with lavender and rosemary.  Light this candle to promote abundance, success and good fortune. The lavender and rosemary aromas will help you to set good intentions and manifest goals related to wealth, career success, or personal growth.
Herbs, stones, crystals and other witchy items are sold as curiosities. Our products are not intended for medical use or as treatment. We do not guarantee the results in magic and/or spellwork. If you burn herbs or candles, please practice fire safety and do not leave flame unattended.

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