Sage Abalone Bundle

Sage: Each of our sage bundles offer to clear energy, restore balance, and protection & purification. No native areas were touched or harmed while harvesting the sage used to make these products. The sage sticks were harvested in the mountains of Baja California, using sustainable growing methods and eco-friendly practices; they were handpicked, and hand-tied and the sage was dried by the sun. This is an all-natural product, there are no preservatives, additives, or other scents added to this wildly grown product.

Abalone: They are beautiful decor but also have magical properties. They are often paired with sage or palo santo for cleansing. They also have a charging effect on gemstones and crystals when they are left in the shells. The mother of pearl inside the shell wards off evil energies. They are also known to relieve anxiety as well as promoting happiness. We offer two types of abalone shell. The lighter, more white shell measures 4-5” while the darker greenish shell measures 5-6”. Crystals not included 😉.



Instruction: Open a few windows or doors to aid in ventilation so smoke may leave the room easily. Light your sage stick over a flame-resistant bowl until you reach a small flame. Once you have a small flame, hold your sage stick over the flame-resistant bowl (often used with abalone shell) and blow gently on the flame until it goes out. The sage will then begin to smolder /smoke gently like incense and you may begin to smudge the desired area or individual. During this time, you will want to focus on your key intentions. Rest the sage in the abalone shell, using it to collect any ashes or embers as the sticks or herbs burn.

Herbs, stones, crystals and other witchy items are sold as curiosities. Our products are not intended for medical use or as treatment. We do not guarantee the results in magic and/or spellwork. If you burn herbs or candles, please practice fire safety and do not leave flame unattended.

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