Wintering In Class

Wintering In: Magickal Practices for the Dark Half of the Year. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, we are called to embrace the mystery and magick of the dark half of the year. In this class, we’ll explore the wisdom of the winter season and learn how to:

· Honor the cycles of nature and the turning of the seasons
· Cultivate inner light and wisdom in the darkness
· Practice magickal techniques for introspection, renewal, and transformation
· Connect with the energies of the winter solstice and the gods and goddesses of the winter season
Join us for this journey into the heart of winter, where we’ll discover the beauty and power of the dark half of the year.


Wintering In Class
Thursday November 21st, 2024
6pm – 7:30pm PST
Instructor: Angel Beiderbeck from Columbia River Witches Collective
Class Fee: $40 per person (includes all materials needed).
Location: Vampire Unicorns
3510 NE 3rd Ave.
Camas, WA 98607



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