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Join us for fun and creative classes, hands on workshops, and a variety of events to help enhance your mind, body, and spirit.  Learn while you make new friends in our comfortable small class settings!

All classes are also offered via Zoom!

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Our Instructors

All of our course instructors offer a journey of discovery – showing you how to live life magically and spiritually. From spells and rituals to creating various magical tools, you’ll learn all you need to start this fantastic journey of self-discovery and deep appreciation of the energy of nature and the divine.

Kim is an Empathic, Intuitive Reader and Herbal Remedies enthusiast. She has been practicing psychometry, and automatic writing since childhood. Over the years, Kim has been honing her intuitive skills to include Tarot, Runes, and when the opportunity presents itself, Mediumship. She enjoys making healing teas and salves from plants she grows and forages.

Kim Luttrell

Empathic, Intuitive Reader & Herbal Remedies

Valfreyja is divinatory reader and pagan native to Vancouver, Washington. She specializes in Norse mythology, paganism, and the practice of reading the Runes. She has experience in reading runes for seven years, reading professionally for almost two.

Valfreyja Leigh Augustine

Norse Mythology, Paganism, & Rune Reader

Vanessa Grace is a Radiance Coach who joins psychology, spirituality, and life aspirations to help women create the lives they want for themselves. Her expertise as a former therapist, kind heart and a dash of light humor help her clients heal the life experiences and trauma that created their heartache to begin with.

Vanessa Grace

Radiance Coach

Kelly Peters is co-owner of Flat Tack Farms, located in Vancouver WA. She believes that natural and fresh food is fundamental to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Their mission is to grow quality, nutritious produce while promoting sustainable, socially responsible farming, using techniques that regenerate the land.

Kelly Peters

Flat Tack Farms

Angel has been a practicing Witch for over 25 years. She considers herself more of an eclectic Witch rather than subscribing to any specific tradition. She created the Columbia River Witches Collective community to create an inclusive space for all people stepping on to a Pagan or Witchy path. In addition to teaching a monthly Witch school, she facilitates Eight Sabbat Rituals a year as the High Priestess of her coven.

Angel Beiderbeck

High Priestess

Shana Madsen is a Reiki Master, Hypnotist and Energy Medicine Practitioner with a lifelong affinity to paranormal phenomena. She has utilized her talents in a variety of settings from coast to coast, to include paranormal conferences, metaphysical workshops, private events, healing sessions and paranormal investigations.

Shana Madsen

Reiki Master, Hypnotist & Energy Medicine Practitioner

Sophie Wegecsanyi is an intuitive reader with over 10 years experience. By connecting to the energy around you Sophie will be take you through a journey of your past present and future. Answering any questions you may have, she will gently give you the guidance you are seeking, to move forward in your life with any tools that seem necessary for you to succeed in living your best life.

Sophie Wegecsanyi

Intuitive Reader

Karen Frazier is a best selling author, who writes & teaches about spiritual, metaphysical, paranormal, & vibrational (energy) healing, exploring topics such as dream interpretation, personal empowerment, metaphysics, alchemy, energy healing, crystals, psychic phenomena, & the survival of consciousness after death.

Karen Frazier


Taylor Eaton is a trailblazer at the intersection of wealth and spirituality. As a celebrated oracle deck author/reader, spiritual channel, and business mentor, she has helped thousands of people to transform their lives. With a passion for making spirituality and magic accessible to all, Taylor empowers individuals to tap into their inner magic and harness it to manifest the wealth & lifestyle they truly desire.

Taylor Eaton

Oracle Deck Author/Reader

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